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I keep having dreams where Angel jumps the divider and attacks Vivid, like every dream is the same progression but different execution.
One night he jumped the divider, one night the divider didn’t exist, one night there was a hole in the divider, and last night the divider was in three sections and one was missing so he swam through it.

Each dream involves him trying to eat Vivid and I keep grabbing him and throwing him back in his side to no avail.  Last night their fighting bites hurt quite a bit too when I broke them up.

I don’t understand why I keep having these nightmares.


Anonymous asked:

Help!! I have a betta and over the weekend I went home for a few days. This weekend was time for the fire inspector to come through our dorm rooms and make sure they are safe. When I came back to campus this morning my betta was dead!! I found part of a cigarette and a lot of ash in the tank. I reported it to security on campus and they know about the inspector doing it to other students but won't do anything because I wasn't there to witness it!!!! I don't know what to do and my baby is dead!!!




WOW that’s super gross, that is completely NOT okay for an inspector to be messing with your property, let alone killing your pet. It’s illegal. Press the issue to any administration that will listen, because that should NOT be happening, witness or not.

Please tell us what school this is so we can send in emails to administration and make them do something about it because that is illegal on the following grounds: impingement upon and destruction of personal property. Take pictures if possible.

seriously; that’s illegal and the school is crazy for not doing anything

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